Hatta Lake is a unique place in UAE, with a Natural Lake in the middle of mountains. Hatta Located around 150km away from Dubai, which make it a bit hard to reach there by the taxi, even taking the guided tour could not provide you such freedom as the renting a car.

Try to imagine the atmosphere of fresh lake air with the mountains on the background, and all these emotions you experience behind the wheel of a luxury car – fashionable sports car or brutal SUV – it’s up to you, but the sound of the engine, beautiful photos and freedom of movement, all this makes a trip to Lake Hatta an unforgettable experience.


Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE is located around 120km away from Dubai. No need to mention the number of great places to visit in Abu Dhabi, such as the Blue Mosque, the Louvre Museum, Yas Island, Ferrari World and many more.

With Noor Altareeq Luxury Rental you can feel the atmosphere of a road trip on the highway to Abu Dhabi, and of course, what could be better than coming to Ferrari World with our new Ferrari F8 Tributo Spyder, sounds great so lets go!


Jebel Jais – one of the highest spots in UAE is located around 170km away from Dubai, the mountains rises there at 1934 meters above sea level.

the perfect road will take you to the very top of the mountain, the breathtaking landscapes, wild animals, and the sounds of our brutal Mercedes G63 rolling among the mountains will make your trip unforgettable, and once you enjoy the views from the peaks, head to the restaurant 1484 by puro, from where you can enjoy a magnificent sunset.


Fujairah located around 200km away from Dubai. There is a wealth of culture and heritage that can be explored in Fujairah. Some of the most exited places to visit in Fujairah the Al Badiyah Mosque which is the oldest mosque of the UAE, the Fujairah Fort that was built in the 16th century for the ruling family, the Bithnah Fort and of course the Al-Hayl Castle.

It is the only Emirati capital city on the UAE’s east coast which borders the Indian ocean, so basically there are a lot of things to do in Fujairah, but it was always hard to get there, the only option was a taxi or a bus. With Noor Altareeq Luxury Rental, you can forget about this issue, rent one of our luxury cars, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the road trip to the East Coast of UAE.


Sheikh Zaed Road and Dubai Downtown – a place where luxury, masterpieces of architecture and the magic of lights merge into one.

Open the roof of our new Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder to see the tops of the skyscrapers and step on the gas pedal to truly experience the luxury of this car and the magic of the night Dubai. Park your car at some of the best restaurants in Dubai Downtown and feel this night


The UAE is a country in which there are a million entertainment attractions, many tourists do not have even a month to travel around them all.

Madinat Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Downtown, Dubai Creek, Dubai Frame and many more locations are waiting for you to visit them
With our cars, you can take your friends or family on a sightseeing tour of Dubai, no one will limit you in time or list of locations, feel the real luxury freedom behind the wheel of our sportcars


Dubai has more than 30 shopping malls.

How to visit all the shopping centers and where to put all the purchases, you might ask? – We have the answer! Take the whole family with you and of course our 7-seater Cadillac Escalade ESV, which will be comfortable for all passengers, and you can take all your purchases with you.


In the near future, Dubai may stand next to the world famous place called IBIZA, as the number of nightclubs increases every year.

Going to a beach party or at the performance of the world famous DJ is always a great idea, but the big question is how do you go there? Experience the atmosphere of the night with our new Lamborghini Urus, the color of which will draw all the attention to you. Remember that you are the king of this night.


Theme parks in Dubai are one of the most popular attractions for families or group of friends.

Jump in Our 7-seater Nissan Patrol and visit them all! You will be able to see such parks as: Legoland Dubai, Global Village, Atlantis Waterpark, Wild Wadi Waterpark, IMG world, Columbia pictures Dubai, Motion gate. As you see there are plenty options, so don’t miss them out. Engine on, seatbelts fasten, lets go!

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International company

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David Matousek
David Matousek
21:27 17 Oct 23
Car was ok, brought on time and on time picked up even in a different location. Deposit was returned later than requested, but communication was overall good and they tried their best.
Yosif Abdullah
Yosif Abdullah
06:28 17 Oct 23
Very excellent
08:02 11 Oct 23
Courteous and respectful treatment
Talha Hasan
Talha Hasan
04:10 03 Oct 23
Had to book a convertible car last minute. Called Noor Altareeq and was able to get delivered to my hotel within the next hour. Amazing experience and a great selection of car fleet.
هديل خوندة
هديل خوندة
11:30 12 Aug 23
Very good communication and fastest delivery of the car to my doorstep. Regular customer since 2021. The services was the best especially how Osama is dealing with all my demands. Will surely rent again soon!
13:50 20 Jul 23
Best renting Car in Dubai, I would prefer you to only rent from this company. It is the best company for renting a car. The owner is so good and kind, love the way he spoke to me and I feel you all should only rent from this company because it is worth and the conditions of the car are beauty. They gave me a clean car with any scratches or any malfunction. I would prefer you to rent from this company. It is the best and a fabulous renting car in dubai.Thanx,
Rohit Sejekan
Rohit Sejekan
11:54 31 Oct 22
I rented a Ford Mustang for two days. Osama bhai assisted me with the booking and was very helpful with good service. The car was delivered to my hotel as agreed, and was very good, clean and comfortable. Wonderful and seamless booking experience. As agreed I also received the entire deposit well within 22days. Definitely will use their service again very soon.
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