We are a car rental company that provides services in the United Arab Emirates. Often, our services are used by guests of the country who come for sightseeing or work. It does not matter if you decide to rent a car in order to visit all the sights, drive an SUV through the desert, feel the speed of a sports car, or you need a luxury car in order to move from one office to another with your colleagues, you will still need to know some of the driving rules that apply in Dubai.

As you know, traffic regulations can vary greatly from country to country. Therefore, if you decide to rent a car abroad, it will be necessary not only to have an international driver’s license but also to know some dos and don’ts. Keep reading this article to find out what we would advise you not to do while driving in Dubai.

1. Alcohol And Driving Are Incompatible

The first thing about which we warn all our customers who rent a car in Dubai is the insecurity of drunk driving. Despite the fact that this is a very obvious rule, some people forget about the responsibility they bear for their lives and for the lives of other participants in the road movement. 

The temptation to drive drunk is especially high during the holidays. However, if you visit a restaurant or bar, you will need to take a taxi to get back to your apartment or hotel room. Remember that drunk driving is an extremely dangerous violation. This is especially true for Muslim countries such as the UAE. 

If you are caught driving drunk, the minimum penalty will be a fine of 20,000 AED. In addition, your car will be taken away for 60 days. If driving drunk entails an accident or other consequences, then you will end up in prison.

2. No Insults on The Road

If you live in a non-Muslim country, then perhaps you will consider the open expression of emotions on the road completely normal and acceptable. After all, sometimes, we all want to swear, show an indecent gesture out of indignation, or start an argument right in traffic on the road. But never do this in Dubai! If in case of a problem or an accident on the road that is provoked by the actions of another driver, you begin to defile them or show indecent gestures, the traffic police will hold you accountable. 

If you express your emotions too openly and are too rude when driving in Dubai, this will be regarded as a personal insult for which a person should be punished.

3. Do Not Train Your Driving Skills on Dubai Roads

Even if you have already received your driver’s license, you may not have enough experience. In order to enjoy driving in Dubai, quickly get from one place to another, and enjoy the comfort of luxury cars, you need to be an experienced driver and feel confident on major city roads and highways. 

Dubai is a densely populated city. Moreover, a car is the most common form of transport here. That is why you will encounter a lot of traffic here. Be sure that you are ready for this.

4. Do Not Let Your Smartphone Distract You

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine our life without electronic devices. We almost never part with our smartphones, where all important information and personal data is stored. However, there are situations when you have nothing left but to leave your smartphone aside. Such situations include driving. In Dubai, as in other cities, it is strictly forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving. 

It may seem to you that you can distract yourself for just a couple of seconds to answer a call or write a couple of messages since this will not entail any serious consequences, but that is false. You never know what will happen on the road with a lot of traffic in the next couple of seconds, so all road users need to be constantly attentive. 

If you violate this rule and still use your smartphone while driving, you will have to pay a fine of 800 AED. Moreover, you will get 4 black points on your driver’s license.

5. Wait For The Green Light

Dubai is a big city where many businessmen rush to business meetings. However, we immediately want to warn you that even if you are late, in no case should you break the rules for the sake of a business meeting or any other reason. 

You will have to pay 1,000 AED for driving through a yellow light. Moreover, the Dubai Traffic Police will add 12 black points to your driver’s license. You will have to pay even more for driving through a red light (3000 AED). In addition, in particularly dangerous cases, you can be tried and even sentenced to prison.

Therefore, keep in mind that in Dubai, driving a car through a yellow or red light is considered a serious violation. 

6. Leave The Headlights On

According to government regulations in the UAE, drivers must always keep their car’s headlights on. If you drive with your headlights off, you will lower the visibility of your car (especially at night) and thereby endanger yourself, other drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. 

If the traffic police in Dubai sees that you are driving with your headlights off, they will stop you and issue a fine.

7. Keep a Distance From Other Vehicles on The Road

One of the most important things that you should always remember, regardless of the country in which you drive a car, is to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on a city road or a highway outside the city. This simple and banal rule, which is included in the basics of driving, is nevertheless fundamental. Some car drivers forget about maintaining a sufficient distance and drive up to other cars too close. For example, they overtake other drivers at a dangerous distance. 

Moreover, you should pay special attention to trucks. Due to the large body, the truck driver may not see the dangerous approach of another car from behind or from the side. For the same reason, trucks are less maneuverable. Such actions can lead to unpleasant consequences for you. 

In particular, in the UAE, you can be prosecuted in two common ways: either demand to pay a fine of 400 AED or make a violation of your driver’s license and add four black points. Thus, even such a minor violation as non-compliance with the prescribed distance between cars can affect your reputation as a driver.

8. Do Not Exceed The Speed Limit on The Roads in Dubai

Before you rent a car in the UAE, you should know that speeding is seriously punished here. Despite the fact that we provide a wide variety of supercars for rent, we warn you not to exceed the speed limit set for urban roads equal to 80 km/h. Always remember this and do not exceed the permitted maximum speed in Dubai. 

If cameras or traffic police detect a violation using radars, then you will need to pay a fine of 300 AED.

9. Park a Car Properly

In order to be sure of proper behavior on the road and not get fines in Dubai, you need to be careful not only while driving but also when choosing a parking space. Tourists can often park a rented car at the entrance to a hotel or shopping mall. Unfortunately, this applies to violations as your car may interfere with other drivers and pedestrians. 

In Dubai, as in other large and densely populated cities, you should carefully monitor where you leave your car. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine for parking in the wrong place.

10. Do Not Drive When You Are Tired

The last not strict but rather important advice that we would like to give you – do not drive a car if you feel that you are sleepy and tired. There is a lot of traffic in Dubai, so it is important to remain attentive. When you get tired, it becomes difficult to stay attentive. Rest for a couple of hours and hit the road again.

We are happy to inform you that you are now familiar with the most important requirements and rules of driving in Dubai. From our side, we are ready to provide you with the most comfortable, fast, and exciting rides on the best cars of the latest models. 

Luxury SUVs and sports cars are waiting for you in our car park. Check out the full list of available cars on our website and rent one of them for your next trip to Dubai.